Vertex EVX-534-G7 UHF 450-512 MHZ 5 Watt 512 Channel Display Radio

Vertex EVX-534-G7 UHF 450-512 MHZ 5 Watt 512 Channel Display Radio

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Vertex EVX-534-G7-5 UHF 450-512 MHz  5W  512 Ch 32 Groups 6-Key with Display

Standard packages include:

120 VAC Charger

UHF Antenna

Belt Clip

Standard 1 Year Warranty

Model Number:



Move between multiple sites seamlessly by using the Site Search functionality on your EVX-530 series radio. Manually or automatically initiate Site Search to identify the signal of the closest site with the strongest signal strength. The EVX-530 portable will dynamically change its preprogrammed home site to the site with the strongest signal in range. Great for operations with multiple locations or multiple floor buildings.

EVX-534 Portable Digital Radio:

  • Full Dot Matrix Multi-lingual Display
  • 512 channels/ 32 groups
  • 7 custom-programmable keys
  • RSSI Indicator
  • Voice Inversion encryption
  • Option Board Expandable
  • Digital Mode Feature: PTT ID Encode/Decode
  • Digital Mode Feature: 256b AES encryption

Additional Features

  • ARTS™ & ARTS II™ (Auto-Range Transpond System)
  • Internal VOX
  • Lone worker alert 
  • Emergency alert
  • Key lock
  • Voice channel announce 
  • DTMF Telephone Interconnect/ANI
  • Multiple scan options (Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-me)
  • Nuisance channel delete
  • Radio-to-radio cloning

Analog Mode Features:

  • Voice compander
  • Whisper mode
  • CTCSS / DCS encode/decode
  • MDC-1200 encode/decode
  • 2-Tone encode/decode
  • 5-Tone encode/decode
  • Remote stun/kill/revive (5-tone)

Digital Mode Features:

  • All call, group call, individual call
  • Text Messaging
  • Direct/Dual Capacity Mode
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Basic/Enhanced Privacy
  • Mixed Mode Scan
  • Site Search
  • DTMF Encode
  • Escalert
  • Remote Monitor
  • 128 Record Contact List