Icom F3161T 51 VHF 5 watt 512 channel DTMF 136-174 MHz radio

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Icom F3161T 51 VHF 5 watt 512 channel DTMF 136-174 MHz radio.

Includes: li-ion battery, antenna, belt clip, and owners manual.

3 year factory warranty.

MultiTrunk now available

MultiTrunkIDAS multi-site operation has now expanded to trunking! MultiTrunk opens the possibility of building a regional or multi-campus system of trunking repeaters.

FM instrinsically safeIntrinsically safe version available

The Intrinsically safe version is approved by the FM Approvals. For use in workplaces where combustible substances or environments exist. See new brochure for more details.

Basic LTR®/conventional mode operation

Both LTR® trunking and conventional channels are programmable on a radio. Group, selective (DTMF), and phone call are available in LTR® mode.

PassPort™ Option

IDAS mobile and portable subscribers can support both the latest versions of PassPort™ or is backward compatible to earlier versions. Icom PassPort is a reliable alternative to add to your PassPort Fleet.

IP55 dust-protection and water jet resistance

The IC-F3161/D series meets IP55 requirements for dust-protection and water jet resistance. Its durable construction is backed up by the aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate casing, allowing reliable operation under harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Lithium-Ion battery pack

The supplied 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack, BP-232N, provides 14 hours* of operating time. The optional battery case BP-240 provides a convenient back up and great reassurance in an emergency.
*Typical operation Tx:Rx:Stand-by=5:5:90, power save on

Most popular signalings built-in

The 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS, DTCS and MDC signaling capabilities are built-in for group communication or selective calling. The radio can decode ten 2-Tone codes or eight 5-Tone codes on a channel. When a matched tone is received, the following actions are programmable for each code.

  • Beep sound
  • Bell icon
  • Answer back call
  • Auto TX
  • Radio stun/kill/revive
  • Scan

MDC 1200 Compatible

The following selective calling and ANI features are available with the built-in MDC signaling.

  • PTT ID
  • SelCall
  • Radio check
  • Radio stun/revive
  • 500 Aliases
  • Status message/request
  • Call alert
  • Emergency, emergency mic monitoring

Voting mode scanning

The voting mode scanning detects the signal strength level of repeater stations and automatically selects the strongest station, useful for roaming between 2 or more repeater sites. Once you program the voting mode to a memory zone, you can easily start voting mode operation by changing the zone setting.

Full dot-matrix LCDFull dot-matrix LCD

Using a large full dot-matrix LCD (32 18 mm), the IC-F3161/D series shows upper and lower case characters clearly. The display setting is selectable from 1 line, 12 characters or 2 lines 24 characters via programming. The bottom row shows assigned functions to the [P0] to [P3] buttons.

Enhanced audio

The IC-F3161/D series employs a BTL amplifier that increases the audio output and the built-in audio compander provides clear, low noise communications.

Lone worker function

When the radio is not operated for a preset period, a beep sounds and a button push is required. If no button is pushed within that preset time, an emergency signal automatically transmits and alerts your co-worker or dispatcher to any potential trouble.

Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler

The built-in inversion type voice scrambler* provides secure conversation as standard. When a more secure system is required, the 32 code non-rolling-type voice scrambler UT-109R and 1020 code rolling type UT-110R are available as an option.
*Inversion type voice scrambler is not compatible with UT-109/UT-110 voice scrambler.

IDAS Internal BoardDIGITAL logo

IDAS system digital mode ready

The IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) is Icoms digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air interface. It has useful calling features including selective calling, status message, radio stun/kill/revive, etc.

The IC-F3161 series provides 2 optional slots: one optional slot for the UT-126H digital unit and one for an additional option board. See the IDAS brochure for details.

Other features

  • 512 memory channel with 128 zones
  • 8 DTMF autodial memories
  • 2 step reduced power setting
  • Power on password
  • Busy, repeater lockout functions
  • Escalating alarm
  • Mode dependent scan
  • Surveillance function temporarily turns off the LED backlight and beep sound
  • Powerful 5W output both in VHF and UHF
  • Flash CPU for future upgrade and more...


Frequency range

136–175 MHz
400–470 MHz
450–512 MHz
Number of channels 512 channels/128 zones
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz/25 kHz, 15 kHz/30 kHz, 6.25 kHz (option)
PLL channel step 2.5 kHz, 3.125 kHz
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Usable temperature range –30°C to +60°C; –22°F to +140°F
Power supply requirement 7.2V DC
Current drain (at 7.2V DC)
VHF/UHF 1.5A/1.8A (at 5W/5W)
stand-by 100mA
rated output 600mA
Dimensions (with BP-232)
(projections are not included)
53 (W) ×136 (H) ×38.9 (D) mm;
2332 (W) ×51132 (H)×11732 (D) in
Weight (approx.) 338g; 11.9oz (with BP-232N)
Output power 5W (VHF), 5W (UHF)
Max. frequency deviation ±5 kHz (Wide) ±2.5 kHz (Narrow)
Frequency error ±1.0 ppm
Spurious emissions 75dB typ.
Adjacent channel power 80dB typ. (Wide), 70dB typ. (Narrow)
FM Hum and Noise 46dB typ. (Wide), 40dB typ. (Narrow)
Audio harmonic distortion 3% typ. (AF 1 kHz, 40% deviation)
Modulation limiting 60–100% of max. deviation
External microphone connector 9-pin multi connector/ 2.2kΩ
Intermediate frequency 46.35 MHz / 450 kHz(1st / 2nd)
FM (W, N)

0.25μV typ. (at 12dB SINAD)
0.20μV typ. (at 5% BER)
Squelch sensitivity 0.25μV typ. (at threshold)
Adjacent channel selectivity 75dB typ. (Wide), 68dB typ. (Narrow)
Spurious response 70dB min.
Intermodulation 74dB typ.
Hum and noise ratio 46dB typ. (Wide), 40dB typ. (Narrow)
Audio output power 500mW typ. (at 5% distortion with an 8Ω load)
External speaker connector 9-pin multi connector / 8Ω

Measurements made in accordance with EIA-152C/204D, TIA-6 for analog. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications & IP Rating

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and pased the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard MIL 810 F
Method Proc
Low Pressure 500.4 I, II
High Temp. 501.4 I, II
Low Temp. 502.4-3 I, II
Temp. Shock 503.4 I
Solar Radiation