Icom F50V 11 waterproof VHF 5 watt 128 channel 136-174mhz

Icom F50V 11 waterproof VHF 5 watt 128 channel 136-174mhz

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Icom F50V 11 VHF 5 watt 128 channel 136-174 MHz WATERPROOF

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Battery pack


Belt clip


2 Year


IC-F50V 11

Product Description:

Never miss important calls
with loud audio, vibration alert and voice recorder!


Perfect for volunteer fire and EMS units, Icom's F50V series portable combines radio and pager functionality in one narrowband-compliant device. The F50V meets the physical demands of firefighting: it's military-grade, rated IP67 for dust-tight and waterproof protection and meets the narrowband 12.5 kHz mandate. Robust features include new powerful paging vibration/audible tone alert, up to 8 minutes of recorded voice and loud 700mW audio. 128 memory channels with 8 zones and familiar fire/EMS paging tones are programmable. The deadline is fast approaching -- The time is NOW!

Vibration alert function

When a pre-programmed 2-tone/5-tone code or call from a specific user (MDC mode only) is received, the radio vibrates powerfully enough to be felt through heavy clothing.

8 minute voice recorder

When a pre-programmed 2-tone/5-tone code or a SelCall (MDC mode only) is received, the voice recorder automatically starts recording the incoming message. You will not miss an important call even when you are temporarily away from the radio. You can manually start recording incoming calls and also your own message. It records up to a maximum of 8 minutes (Or up to 48 calls of 10 sec. recording time).

700mW audio output

The IC-F50V delivers a loud 700mW* audio output with the built-in BTL amp. The built-in audio compander provides clear, low noise communications. Improved bass characteristics also betters the audio quality.
* Typical with internal speaker.

Lone worker function for remote check in

When the radio is not operated for a preset period (1 to 255 min.), the radio sounds a beep and requires you to push the emergency button. If the emergency button is not pushed for a preset time (1 to 255 sec.), an emergency signal automatically transmits and informs your co-worker or dispatcher that something may have happened to the individual worker.

IP67, dust-tight and waterproof protection

The IC-F50V has outstanding protection against dust and water that is equivalent to IP67. The IC-F50V can withstand submersion in 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes and has dust-tight construction that prevents the ingress of dust.

Most popular signalings built-in

Use the built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone, 5-Tone and MDC signaling capabilities to set up your talk group or selective calling. The IC-F50V can decode ten 2-Tone codes or eight 5- Tone codes on a channel. When a matched tone is received, the following actions are programmable for each code.

  • Bell icon
  • Answer back call
  • Beep sound
  • Auto transmit
  • Radio Stun/Kill/Revive
  • Voice recorder
  • Vibration alert

MDC 1200 Compatible

The following selective calling and ANI features are available with the built-in MDC signaling.

  • PTT ID
  • Radio check
  • Caller ID
  • Call alert
  • SelCall
  • Emergency, emergency mic monitoring
  • 500 Aliases
  • Status/message
  • Radio stun/revive

Mode dependent scan

In the mode dependent setting, the scanning setting is dependent on the operating channel. When you change the operating channel, the scanning list automatically changes to the operating channel setting. It is convenient when you move to a different operating area and change an operating channel, you don’t have to change the scanning setting.

Enhanced scanning

The Tx channel while scanning can be programmed per scanning list. The talk back function allows you to transmit on the channel detected after scanning resumes after a preset time, prior to the Tx channel setting. The nuisance delete function temporarily deletes a busy channel from the scanning list. Backlight at stop scan automatically turns on the LCD backlight when the scan stops.

Compact body

56(W)×97(H)×36.4(D) mm* compact body with durable, dependable construction, has been tested to MIL standard specifications.
* 2732(W)×31316(H)×1716(D) in

Li-Ion battery pack

The large capacity 1700mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack, BP-227 provides a practical 9–10 hours* of operating time.
* Typical operation Tx:Rx: Stand-by=5:5:90

Other features

  • 128 memory channels with 8 zones
  • Inversion type*1 voice scrambler built-in
  • Optional VOX headsets available
  • Optional GPS speaker-microphone
  • Power ON password
  • Radio stun/kill/revive
  • 8 DTMF autodial
  • Normal and priority scans
  • 2-step power saver and 2-step low battery beep
  • BIIS 1200 mode programmable
  • Busy, repeater lockout functions
  • BTL only version (no vibration alert and no voice recorder).

*1 Inversion type voice scrambler is not compatible with UT-109/UT-110 voice scrambler.
UT-109/UT-110 cannot be physically installed into the IC-F50V.