Icom ID51A PLUS 1304 channels 5 watt VHF/UHF Dual-Band D-STAR handheld transceiver with GPS

Icom ID51A PLUS 1304 channels 5 watt VHF/UHF Dual-Band D-STAR handheld transceiver with GPS

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Icom ID51A PLUS 1304 channels 5 watt VHF/UHF Dual-Band D-STAR handheld transceiver with GPS

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Supplied accessories

  • Battery pack, BP-271
  • Standard antenna, FA-S270C
  • Belt clip, MB-127
  • Wall charger, BC-167SA/SD*
  • Programming software, CS-51PLUS
  • Hand strap

RS-MS1A, Free Download Android™ Application

The RS-MS1A allows you to connect your Android™ device to the ID-51A*. You can see the location of repeater sites on a map application and set them to the ID-51A. Text messages and pictures can be sent and received with your Android™ device.

The optional OPC-2350LU data cable is required to connect to an Android™ device.

Text messaging example

DR function setting example

Repeater map example

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RS-MS1A Features

  • Send and receive pictures
  • Send and receive text messaging
  • Set transceiver’s DR functions from the RS-MS1A or a map application
  • See the location of repeater sites or other D-PRS stations on a map application
  • View and export received history of the transceiver
  • View detailed data in the transceiver’s Repeater list
  • Import and export the Repeater list and the Callsign list from/to the transceiver

DV Fast Data Mode*

By using data in place of voice frames, the ID-51A transfers data 3.5 times faster (3480 bps) than in the conventional DV mode (with voice). Pictures taken by an Android™ device can be quickly transmitted in the DV Fast Data mode.
* The DV Fast Data mode is not compatible with the DV mode low-speed data communication.

DV and FM Repeater Search Function

The repeater search function searches for nearby analog FM repeaters as well as DV repeaters using the repeater memories and the integrated GPS*.
* To use the repeater search function, the position data of the repeater is required.

Additional Dplus Refl ector Link Commands

Dplus reflector link commands are added to the DR function to allow easy multiple repeater connection through the reflector.

Other New and Enhanced Functions (Compared to the ID-51A original version)

  • GPS position data can be sent simultaneously with the serial data communication
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions: receiving only Base/Object/Item/Weather formats
  • Altitude data added to the GPS memories
  • CI-V commands can be sent through DATA connector
  • CI-V commands added such as GPS TX mode, DV data TX and GPS ON/OFF settings
  • Callsign, repeater list and GPS memory import and export in the CSV format

D-STAR DV Mode (Digital Voice + Data)

The D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) DV mode is the leading amateur radio digital format.

V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch

The dualwatch function simultaneously monitors VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF and VHF/UHF bands*.
*DV/DV, AM/AM, FM-N/FM-N and DV/FM-N mode dualwatch is not available.

Icom ID-51A/E Dual Watch

IPX7 Waterproof Construction

The ID-51A has superior IPX7 waterproof protection (1m depth of water for 30 minutes). It can be used in harsh outdoor environments, and for hiking, mountain biking, touring and mountain sports.

Independent AM/FM receiver

FM and AM broadcast and VHF airband stations can be listened to while using the dualwatch function to monitor the ham bands.

Icom ID-51A/E AM FM Receiver

MicroSD Card Slot

When used with a microSD card (Up to 32GB), various contents including voice memory, DV auto reply message, TX voice message, QSO log, RX history log and GPS log data can be stored. The microSD card can also be used to update firmware and edit memories.

Integrated GPS Receiver

Your current position and altitude are shown on the display and offers a position reporting function in DV mode. The GPS log function logs your position information at regular intervals on the microSD card.

Icom ID-51A/E GPS

Other features

  • TX voice memory (1 channel, 60 seconds)
  • SPEECH function announces the received call sign (DV Mode), frequency, and mode
  • QSO recorder function records incoming and outgoing calls. The voice recorder function can record an off-line conversation.
  • 128 × 104 dot large full dot-matrix display
  • CSV formatted communication log
  • 10-step battery voltage indicator