Speaker microphone M4013 S8 for Icom F50 F60 F70 F80 M87 M88 F4061 F3161 and more

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Remote speaker microphone.

Product Description:

- Professional quality, water-resistant, remote speaker microphone

- Features a 3.5mm accessory jack for connecting an earphone to the unit


1 Year Replacement!

Compatible Models:

F30G, F30GT, F30GS, F31G, F31GS, F31GT, F40G, F40GS, F40GT, F41G, F50, F50V, F51, F60, F60V, F61, F70, F70S, F70DT, F80, F80DT, F80S, M87, M88, F3061, F4061, F3061, F3161, F4161, F3161DS, F4161DS


M4013 S8