Motorola PMLN5404A remote mount kit for TRBO XPR4300 XPR4350 XPR4500 XPR4550

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Remote Mount for Motorola TRBO series mobile control head -- Remote Mounting Kits allow you to mount radio chassis in the trunk or under the seat and mount control head elsewhere in the vehicle. Ideal for vehicles with no convenient place to mount the complete radio near dashboard or where security may be of concern.

Product Description:

Firmware version R01.04.00 or later MUST be programmed into the radio for proper operation of the Remote Mount Control Head configuration.

Please note the cable is sold separately and comes in a 3 meter 5 meter and 7 meter option.


1 Year Replacement!

Compatible Models:

XPR4300 XPR4350 XPR4500 XPR4550