Motorola PMLN5792A XTS wireless adapter for XTS5000 XTS3000 XTS2500 XTS1500 PR1500

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Motorola XTS Mission Critical Wireless Adapter


1 Year Replacement!

Compatible Models:

Motorola PMLN5792 slim, lightweight adapter attaches to any XTS radio accessory connector and enables connectivity with our best-in-class mission critical wireless earpieces. A blue light around the PTT button flashes to show it's paired with your earpiece and a toggle switch allows you to re-route the audio to your radio if the earpiece gets pulled out of your ear.

This adapter is required when using the NTN2573 Bluetooth mission critical earpiece with an XTS radios.

Compatible Motorola Radios: XTS1500 XTS2500 XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS5000 PR1500 MT1500