Motorola SL300-U-SC-2 AAH88QCC9JA2AN UHF 403-470MHz 2 Channel 3 Watt Digital DMR Non-Display Radio with E346 Surveillance Headset and M4013 Speaker Microphone and PMLN7101 Multi Unit Charger (6 Pack)

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Standard Package Includes:

Standard Battery

Standard Micro-USB Wall Charger


Standard Carry Holster

Battery Door Cover

2-Year Standard Warranty

Product Information:

Portability and Simplicity Redefined

MOTOTRBO SL300 portable radio provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile.

Whether you're working in the field or at a black-tie event, the SL300 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected. Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable with a stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame.  It features an Active View display with a matrix of LED lights behind the radio housing and "Range Max" technology, an advanced radio design and patented antenna for enhanced range. Designed for easy and intuitive use and outfitted with the latest technology, the SL300 is the perfect work partner.


Measuring less than an inch thick, the SL300 redefines portability. It can be carried easily in a pocket or purse without catching or bulging.

The SL300 features a separate power button, top channel toggle switch, side volume control buttons, and prominent push-to-talk button to support one-hand radio operation.

Utilize the power of the 2-slot TDMA DMR standard to double the capacity of your 12.5 kHz channel-without the need for a repeater.