Two Way Radio Programming


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At Surplus Two Way Radios we program all major brands such as Motorola, Icom, Vertex, Kenwood, Ritron, HYT/Hytera, Blackbox and Tekk portables, mobiles and repeaters. We have a simple three-step programming process and easy to understand four-level programming pricing based on your radio model.

Three-Step Programming Process

Step 1: Complete our programming request form and send it in with your radio.

Step 2: We program your radios.

Step 3: Once programmed, we ship back your equipment using your shipping carrier of choice.

 *If you have an existing radio but don't know your frequencies, send your radio into us and we can read and pull your frequencies that way.

Our Service is Guaranteed!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please download our Program Form here