Two Way Radio Repair

At Surplus Two Way Radios we repair all major brands such as Motorola, Icom, Vertex, Kenwood, Ritron, HYT/Hytera, Blackbox and Tekk portables, mobiles and repeaters.  Our low cost “no worries no hassle” flat rate repairs include parts and labor. We have a simple three-step repair process and easy to understand five-level repair pricing based on your radio model and extent of repair.

Three-Step Repair Process

Step 1: Complete our repair request form and send it in with your radio.

Step 2: We fully bench test your radio and send you an estimate for authorization of the repair before we do any work.

**Please note that 90% of the repairs we receive fall in the Level 1 or 2 pricing.

Step 3: Once repaired, we ship back your equipment using your shipping carrier of choice.

Five-Level Repair Pricing 

Level 1 ($75):   Includes most 1-2 watt business two-way radios.                                                           

Level 2 ($85):   Includes 4-5 watt commercial grade radios without a LCD display.                              

Level 3 ($95):   Includes 4-5 watt commercial/professional radios with display.                            

Level 4 ($125): Includes 4-5 watt commercial/professional high tier analog or digital portable/mobile radios.                                                                                                                          

Level 5 ($150): Includes high tier portables, mobiles and repeaters. 



VX-231 $75

VX-261 $75

CP200D $95

SL7550 $125

VX-2200 $125

*Front Panel Recase and Programming not included in Repair Service. Contact our offices for information.

Factory Authorized Warranty Service Center

We are a certified Icom and Kenwood Repair center.  It doesn’t matter where you purchased your item, WE CAN FIX IT!                                                           

*When sending in your Warranty Radio, please include a copy of your original invoice or receipt.

Current Special Promo Ends Soon

Send in (2) radios that require REPAIR, only pay for (1). Radios must require repair to receive the (1) radio service for FREE. *Please note that intrinsically safe, water submersible and display models may be an additional fee.

Front Panel Recase

Is your radio cracked or damaged?  Send it into us for a NEW Front housing unit! Recase includes labor and replacement of front housing panel/cosmetic parts.  This service is not included in our flat rate repair fee.  Once your radio is received one of our staff members will contact you with a quote based on your model radio.*   


If you have a NEW or existing radios and need it programmed, we can help!  We can program your radio using your existing frequencies or, we can provide you with new frequencies. Cost varies based on the model of your radio, please contact us for prices.

*This service is not included in our flat rate repair fee


Surplus Two Way Radios can help with any mobile, base station or repeater installation at our shop or at your location. Our trained technicians can be dispatched to your location for $125 per hour, 2-hour minimum.

**Please note - We don't offer service on HAM and CB radios.

 We have a fully equipped and staffed repair center with fast turnaround time. Most repairs are completed and shipped back within 1-2 business day. We deal with over 500 trade-in radios each month, which requires us to maintain needed parts in stock and offer the lowest prices you'll find anywhere.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our Service is Guaranteed!


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