2 Pack of Motorola CLP1010e UHF 1 Channel 1 Watt Digital Two-Way Radio

2 Pack of Motorola CLP1010e UHF 1 Channel 1 Watt Digital Two-Way Radio

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2 Pack of Motorola CLP1010e UHF1 Channel 1 Watt Digital Two-Way Radio

The Motorola CLP1010e is designed for seamless operation in industries like hospitality, retail, and restaurants. This compact and lightweight digital two-way radio offers a simple one-button push-to-talk operation, ensuring clear communication with minimal complexity. Its sleek design and smart status glow ring make it both functional and stylish, perfect for professionals needing reliable, discreet communication tools.

Included Accessories:
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Single-Unit Charger
Belt Clip

Initiate an important call or alert users on another channel to immediately communicate a message in high-risk situations, keeping your teams and assets safer when an incident occurs.
Choose between 219 codes to add privacy to your business conversations from neighboring groups.
Help your staff to learn the system with voice-guided menus easily. The CLP allows you to use pre-defined voice prompts for your channels or add custom voice prompts to help your staff identify the channel they should use.
Increase range with a Motorola Solutions repeater. Stay in touch with your team and in control of your business up to 250,000 sq/ft.
Easily check radio activity for faster, more efficient communications across multiple channels.

Ideal For:
Small to medium-sized businesses in the retail, hospitality, and service industries, where communication is key to operational success.