BROWNING BR-1251-MUHF NMO 3/4" Hole Mount

BROWNING BR-1251-MUHF NMO 3/4" Hole Mount

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Brand: tram-browning

Color: Black

Binding: Sports

model number: BR-1251-MUHF

Part Number: BR1251-MUHF

Details: Roof top 3/4" NMO hole antenna mount with mini-UHF connector attached. Comes with 17 ft low loss double shield RG-58A/U Coax Cable (tinned copper braid 95%, foil shield, stranded tinned copper center conductor, solid insulation), solid brass w/gold contact pin, PTFE insulator. For use with all types of Mobile radios and base stations which require mini-UHF connector (mostly Motorola radios). Made by Tram-Browning. P/n BR-1251-MUHF.

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches