PrymeBlu BT-503 Bluetooth Adapter for Motorola 2-pin radios, Black

PrymeBlu BT-503 Bluetooth Adapter for Motorola 2-pin radios, Black

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Brand: PRYME®

Color: Black

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

model number: BT-503

Part Number: BT-503

Details: BT503 PRYME BLU BLUETOOTH ADAPTER FOR MOTOROLA COMPATIBLE TWO WAY RADIOS The PRYME BLU Adapter BT-503 allows you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio. The PRYME BLU Adapter is compatible with thousands of off the shelf consumer audio accessories and pairs easily, allowing you to operate wirelessly. If you have a Dual Sync Bluetooth headset (we sell them - hint hint) you can pair your Motorola two way radio and your cell phone with same headset so you will never miss a call or a broadcast again... the ultimate in multi tasking. The Talk button on the PRYME BLU Adapter will function as a Push-to-Talk button for your two-way radio once a wireless audio accessory is successfully paired to the adapter. The PRYMEBLU Adapter is supplied with a rubber Friction Pad. This pad provides additional protection and stability when using the Velcro Fastener to attach the adapter to a radio or other location. The BT-503 PRYMEBLU Adapter ...

EAN: 0638615120143

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches